Monday, 29 December 2014

Build a Guitar Tremolo Effect Pedal Easily

So, Who wants to build a tremolo effect box? for your instruments such as Guitars, pianos etc.
Today i am going to show you how you can build your own tremolo guitar effect pedal.
First of all take a look of the circuit diagram below:
So, In the diagram above, you can see that i am using NE555 timer IC for making the LED blink with a constant speed that is adjustable with the help of potentiometer. The speed for blinking of LED can be adjusted by changing the resistance between 2nd,6th with 7th pins of timer IC.
Also you can see that the 2nd LED that is in the shell with LDR has another potentiometer to control its brightness. That is called the depth. Because, if the LED shines brighter and strikes more light on LDR, its resistance will become almost zero and that effects the sound. You don't need to connect the switch in difficult way as we do in other stomp-box. Because in this circuit it isn't necessary.
When LED Strikes light on LDR the input signals goes to ground and we don't hear the sound in that time interval. When LED is off the signals goes to output. That is why you hear a "Wah Wah" sound effect similar to Tremolo/Phaser LED and LDR.

POSSIBLE QUESTION You may have about it.!

What thing i can use for the shell.?

You can use the plastic cover, hard plastic pipe piece or the plastic holder of 3.5mm stereo jack. Or any other thing.

What is the purpose of other LED?

Other LED find its name. It is "Monitor LED" that is fit to the project box in such a way you can see it to know its blinking speed and brightness (that is related to the shell LED which is inside the project box)

Don't you have a video tutorial? 

Yes we have a video tutorial in which i am sharing my idea about how i built it.

I hope you 'll love it and i believe that you 'll make it wonderful. Have a Good Project..!
See Ya...!
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