Wednesday, 18 December 2013

DC Power Supply Noise Filter

Hi guys i told you in the previous post that i'll post about cleaning the DC power supply. It isn't difficult you can do it easily. You need a resistor and three capacitor. First take a look of its schematic.

This circuit is for 12v specially.
The components i have used are:

1 - Diode 1N4007
1 - Capacitor Electrolytic 220uf (Voltage should be at least 25v)
1 - Capacitor Ceramic   0.047uf ( Code is 473)
1 - Capacitor Ceramic   0.1uf     (Code is 104)
1 - Resistor 100 Ohm  (0.5 Watt) 

This is the basic circuit as we see in our books but it works well for the filtering noise. Well you can also modify it by putting inductors or trying different values of caps etc.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Build a preamp for Piezo Pickup,Crystal Mic (Easily)

Hi guys i am here again with the project of a high impedance microphone and pickups preamp. You can build it easily. It works with Crystal Microphones and all other high impedance microphones. Also we can use it for pre-amplification of any piezo transducer. Also it works very well with a Guitar magnetic coil pickups.
Here is its circuit i designed it and it is very simple and consist of few components. Components can be found at your local radioshack stores. And really no professional experience is required to build it. You can make it within 15mins. It cost only 1$ due to my area where all the things are very cheap for me. But i believe this won't cost you more than 2$.
So have a look of its circuit:
You can click to enlarge this schematic.  
Well i built it in a plastic box that is an electric switch box. Mostly being used in home electrical wiring.
Just drill the holes and put the switches and input and output jack. You can use a battery clip for supplying the power. Also put a metal plate and paste it of any of the side of this box and solder the ground wire of your circuit with it. This would be very good for the high quality gain. I have used a DC noise filter circuit in it that is also very simple. You can use it to filter the clean DC power supplies i'll post that circuit too but not now maybe after next project. 
Use a 9v battery which is rechargeable and its recharging circuit is also very simple:
It a simple 9v battery charger circuit and it works 100% fine. Remember that the timing of charging depends upon the number of amperes you are supplying. So Google for it.
You need to make connection to the battery and the pre amp with this circuit in such a way that if the switch of preamp is turned on then the charger do not charge. Yes..!! you need a two way switch. Following diagram make the idea clear:
In such a way you need to make the connection. This will not mess your pre-amp. And so the pre amps completed. It will become a small portable and rechargeable preamp. And you can build it and show it easily. From me its a perfect DIY preamp for piezo and crystal mics. And it is unique because its a chargeable pre amp.
You can also connect DC jack direct to the battery but above method is 100% safe for battery and amp kit.
So here are the pictures of my pre-amp
So have a wonderful project..!!
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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Build a Guitar Amplifier Easily

So here we have another project that is all about to build a "Guitar Amplifier" which is a portable amp and works with all types of guitar without a pre-amp.
As we know that the OP-Amp amplify the signals such as LM386 so this is able to work as preamp and amp.
So if we add a circuit of lm386 preamp and lm386amp it will become a fantastic guitar amp. Here is a schematic i designed.

This is hard to design but it works 100% perfect with all types of guitar. And all the parts i have used in its design are easily available in the market.

Components Required:
  • 2 - IC LM386
  • 2 - Capacitors 10uf
  • 1 - Capacitor 100uf
  • 2 - Capacitors 0.0047uf [Code 473J or 473K]
  • 1 - Resistors 100 Ohm
  • 1 - Resistor    10  Ohm
  • 1 - Potentiometer 10K Ohm 
  • 1 - LED

It will work with small and large speaker but it is not suitable for too much small speakers.

Q: Do we have a video tutorial and demo about it..???
A: Yes , We do have a tutorial and demo about it at our YouTube channel and link to its video is written below.:
How i built it...??? 
I used a wooden box and did few things to it which are clearly shown in the images below:

And after all the thing done i just packed it and tried to color it with black,yellow and red colors. I tried to write something but i am not good in drawing or designing the outside and that's why an airplane i built was crashed (because of the dry paint drop was stuck in the elevator)....LOL...!!
And here are the pictures when i finished it.
So if you like to create a guitar amp then you don't need to wait more download the circuit and start creating it. I believe you're gonna love this project. And also share your questions and feedback with me.
[Next project will be about a OverDrive Guitar Pedal]

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Dynamic Mic Pre-Amplifier

This is a latest design of a Dynamic Mic Pre - Amplifier and it works 100%. I also posted a video on YouTube about its working and how i build it.
It is based on a single transistor that is an NPN  BJT transistor C9013. There are many other transistor what you will find in wide variety but this has some different feature. I have tested 2N3904, 2N2222, KT312, C945 and BC547 but all of them don't works like this one. And this transistor gives the good gain for the Dynamic Microphones. 
Here is its circuit schematic i tried to make it work with 5v you can also use a 9v battery but connect positive of your battery and positive of pre-amp through a 100 Ohm resistor (0.25 W) You'll be able to make it work with 9v also. Also by using some circuits like voltage drop etc you can also use it with power supplies of other voltages. 

This schematic is the our basic schematic and it is just a pre-amp for the dynamic microphones. This also works well with long ribbon microphones or other that has impedance about 700 Ohm. It is not suitable for the high impedance like piezo-pickups and crystal microphones. I'll post circuits for Preamp of Piezo Pickups and crystals microphones later.

Here is its little modification. I just added a potentiometer to it. As you can see clearly that the output of our basic circuit is just connected to the wiper of 10k potentiometer and left end is connected to ground and one end is for the Output.

Remember that use battery if you don't know about how to clean a supply, i'll make a post about it also very soon.
Here are the stuff required for this pre-amp:
  • 1 - Resistor 220K Ohm
  • 1 - Resistor 330 Ohm
  • 1 - Resistor  1K Ohm
  • 2 - Capacitors 10uf    (Usually they comes with 50v but you can use a 16v or 25v cap also)
  • 1 - Capacitor    100uf  (220uf or 470uf will also work, but voltage should be at least 25v)
  • 1 - Toogle Switch
  • 1 - BJT Transistor C9013 (Here is its date sheet)
  • 1 - Potentiometer   10K Ohm   [Linear or audio both will work  (Optional)]
  • 1 - LED    (Optional it isn't necessary) 

 So what do you think about it..?? Just create and see how good it works. Also you can give it a cool look. You can create it in a beautiful way. If you still have a problem then check out this video tutorial it tells about its working and how i created it and how it looks like. And you'll see the gain in the software "Audacity" which is a freeware wonderful software. You can also download it but it is for windows pc only.

If you are a beginner then make sure you have checked our latest tab named "Beginners" there are many useful information on this tab about how to read symbol what is resistor and capacitor looks like etc.

So here is the video tutorial of this Pre-Amp
 The audio in the video is recorded by this pre-amp. Specially listen to the closing speech in this video.
I know someone who will think to create this pre-amp will also think for what purpose it is suitable. Well if you have a "Ultra Clean Power Supply" and you have no noise you can use it for any purpose like "Recording Songs", "Recording Instruments with dynamic mic" "Live Performances", "Live Broadcast". And i am you're gonna love its output. Well i can add more things in it like equalizer etc but these things are also available in the PC suits so creating them is a useless thing. Well i will take a look on it.

And HEY...!!! Don't forget to give me your feedback. You are free to comment here without signing up of logging in. Also use my contact form to send me E-mails directly.