Sunday, 11 May 2014

Build a 20W Guitar Amp (DIY)

The IC LA4440 was very useful and easy to use it as an amplifier DIY project. We build a guitar amplifier using this basic schematic from datasheet.
As you can see its a basic circuit. So we added a tone control at the audio input to control bass,treble and volume. Use our filter circuit we have given in the previous posts to join it with power supply to avoid the noisy sound. Use low noise guitar cable to prevent the loud hiss or distortion in the standby sound.
Parts we have used are available in the market in wide range.
Here are my pictures
Amp Picture after done fitting in a wooden speaker box:
Tone control circuit i used is :
Haven't drawn a schematic on computer for it. I'll post it soon as new project. So visit us again..!!
Next project is about "DIY Electric Guitar Interface"


  1. I just purchased 3-LA4440 and plan on building this circuit. Do you have a schematic showing where to connect all of the pot switches. Im assuming for volume control I would put the pot switch on the input, but what about bass and tone control? Thanks for any help

    1. If u get schematic plan please let me know :)

    2. In case of tone control you need to use a tone control circuit like this circuit
      This should be connected at the input. Also at the input of this circuit if you connect another pot it will become volume.

    3. Hi Friend, nothing is special in adding a volume control to any circuit. Just get 50K potentiometer mono (which has 3 pins) connect center pin to the input of your amplifier circuit. And one end to the ground and the other end to the input signal you'll give. So now that end of potentiometer will be your input now.