Monday, 27 August 2012

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I have created many electronics things and posted decided to post their electronic  circuit schematics , pcb layout for you 100% free to download. So you can see the download page here and get your file in a complete pack of zip that contains circuit diagram, pcb-layout for toner transfer method and do it your own way.

The things i made are listed below:

  1. Emergency Lights       
  2. Small Solar Cells         

  3. Radio Controlled Jet Planes     

  4. Radio Controlled Camera Helicopters 

  5. Small and Large Uninterpreted Power Supplies  

  6. Computer Accessories   

  7. Chargeable Fans 

  8. Power Generators    

And many more other things in amazing ways. 

For all of the heavy works that requires machinery i go to factory to get some help.

The purpose to post m,y things here is to develop interest of electronics in all of you. Other sites provides you circuits and many other things but they cost you. I promise and guarantee not waste your time and money. This service is an Engineers based service and three Engineers are working with me. We create and post then you create and do business.  If you like work on this website and want to support us then you can do it through paypal website. Click the button below:

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