Wednesday, 18 December 2013

DC Power Supply Noise Filter

Hi guys i told you in the previous post that i'll post about cleaning the DC power supply. It isn't difficult you can do it easily. You need a resistor and three capacitor. First take a look of its schematic.

This circuit is for 12v specially.
The components i have used are:

1 - Diode 1N4007
1 - Capacitor Electrolytic 220uf (Voltage should be at least 25v)
1 - Capacitor Ceramic   0.047uf ( Code is 473)
1 - Capacitor Ceramic   0.1uf     (Code is 104)
1 - Resistor 100 Ohm  (0.5 Watt) 

This is the basic circuit as we see in our books but it works well for the filtering noise. Well you can also modify it by putting inductors or trying different values of caps etc.


  1. What type of caps are you suggesting?

    1. 0.1uf and 100uF are widely used in small applications. But in case if you wanna completely filter the noise just replace the 100R resistor with 1mH inductor or 100uH inductor. And use a 1000uF cap at the input

  2. What changes have to be made for 24V?

  3. no changes except of capacitor voltage rating (should be more than the voltage being supplied to this circuit).
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