Authorized Seller

We have few sellers only who manages and sale out the projects from us through some sites like:
And some other sites like this.


Do not purchase any of our project from any unauthorized seller who may use our name to tell you.

Shipping In Pakistan:

Yes these seller can ship all over Pakistan through TCS, Leopard and DHL services with shipment tracking number. You can trust these seller

How to verify an authorized seller on selling websites..?

On the selling websites beside the ad there is a phone number to contact the seller. If the phone number is one of these what are listed below then you can trust the seller:
03204058052  Asim      (Founder of Sam Technology Professionals)
03204058051  Hassan  (Manager)
03454244641  Farhan   (Manager)
If a website doesn't tell a phone number and want you to pay first then don't pay to them. Just contact us immediately at this link :

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